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high school partnerships

Career Connect

students enrolled in public and private high schools have available to them the opportunity to earn college credit and advanced placement while enrolled in high school.

iowa lakes community college and local school districts have partnered to offer programs from which the students may select.

enrollment in these programs is open to any eligible public or nonpublic high school students who have met the placement testing requirements for admission to iowa lakes community college. 

some of the benefits for students participating in these programs are:  

  • savings on college tuition and book costs

  • receiving college and high school credit for completed course work

  • ease of transition from high school to college

  • developing career focus and achieving academic and personal goals

  • advanced enrollment standing when entering college

students who desire to register for college credit classes may obtain the proper forms by clicking on the “registration form” link. all students are required to meet the placement testing requirements before registration.

the procedure for enrollment is as follows.

  • contact your high school counselor to determine your eligibility to enroll in college credit classes.

  • determine college classes for which you qualify.

  • save registration form to your computer.

  • complete and print registration form.

  • obtain all required signatures before submitting registration form (student and school official).

  • fax or mail the completed registration form to secondary programs at:

fax 712-852-2152
iowa lakes community college
secondary programs
3200 college drive
emmetsburg, ia. 50536

before enrolling, it is the student’s responsibility to first check with his/her counselor and then the institution to which transfer is being considered for a determination of which classes will be accepted for credit. 

the following are brief descriptions of the opportunities available to students.

school districts may offer all or a selection of the programs available. any student interested in receiving college credit for classes should first contact his/her high school counselor for information.

also included is important information students should consider when selecting and participating in secondary programs.

classes are available to high school students through:

career information is vital to the student’s decisions regarding career choices and educational pathways.

the career connect office at iowa lakes community college makes available to students a unique opportunity to gather career and educational information.

by clicking on the // link, you will have the ability to explore how iowa lakes community college career resource center will help facilitate the career planning and employment process.

nacep accreditation

NACEP Logonacep works to ensure that college courses taught by high school teachers are as rigorous as courses offered on the sponsoring college campus. as the sole national accrediting body for concurrent enrollment partnerships, nacep helps these programs adhere to the highest standards so students experience a seamless transition to college and teachers benefit from meaningful, ongoing professional development. all high school students will be prepared for, have access to, and succeed in quality college courses.

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