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career academy programs

what is a career academy?

career academy programs are designed to enable high school students to explore career options and gain specific employment skills. they bridge high school and community college career technical education (cte) programs. 

who may enroll?

the academies are open to any public or non-public high school student who has met the basic placement testing requirements for admission to iowa lakes community college. permission must be obtained from the appropriate high school official. 

what classes are eligible?

the classes attended for the career academy are within a specific vocational/technical program. once a program is chosen by the student, his/her classes are set for the semester. students may change programs at semester registration time. career academy classes are offered in the fall and spring semesters only. the following programs are offered within the career academy.

  • ag production technology
  • automotive technology
  • aviation/airport management
  • Boat & Watercraft Technician
  • computer programming
  • construction technology
  • criminal justice
  • electrical technology
  • engineering technology
  • environmental studies
  • Farm Equipment & Diesel Technology
  • graphic design
  • Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • human services program
  • Powersports & Power Equipment Technology
  • welding technology
  • Wind Energy & Turbine Technology

classes offered during the summer semester and fast track classes are not eligible as career academy classes.

what will it cost?

there is no cost to the student for a career academy class. the school district contracts with iowa lakes community college for the cost of tuition, fees, materials and textbooks. a contract agreement between the school district and iowa lakes community college should be in effect prior to the initiation of a career academy. 

if the school district does not provide transportation, the student is responsible for transportation to and from classes.

what about credit transfer?

before enrolling in career academy classes, it is the student’s responsibility to first check with his/her counselor and then the institution to which transfer is being considered to determine which classes will be accepted for credit. 

where will i attend classes?

with written approval from the high school, classes can be taken at iowa lakes community college or a high school which has been designated as a career academy. the career academy classes at the iowa lakes community college emmetsburg and estherville campus meet between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. monday thru friday. classes at designated high schools may have different schedules. 

how do i start?

the student and the high school counselor determine which program should be considered based on the student’s interests. iowa lakes community college will ask the student to indicate his/her top three program choices. the student’s top choice is not guaranteed however, and will be granted when possible based on enrollment and application time. registration forms must be completed by the student and signed by the authorized high school official.

more info?

any student interested in enrolling in career academy classes should first contact the high school counselor for information. 

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