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Iowa Lakes Community College
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important items to remember

  • a school official’s signature is required on the registration forms. 
  • the school district does not pay for summer and fast track classes. the student is responsible for the full cost of these classes.
  • it is the student’s responsibility to determine the transferability of any iowa lakes community college credits.
  • if the high school does not provide transportation to and from the class site, transportation is then the responsibility of the student.
  • students must meet the placement testing requirements for admission to iowa lakes community college. testing is available at any iowa lakes community college campus. 
  • proper registration forms must be completed before classes begin. attendance and grades should be reported by the instructor at the end of the semester if credit is to be recorded.
  • a student must enroll in a program at iowa lakes community college within 18 months of graduation to receive articulation credit. the credit will be entered on the student’s transcript after 12 semester hours of credit are earned at iowa lakes community college.
  • online ecollege courses may qualify as contracted courses.
  • the high school counselor is the first contact person for any student wanting to participate in career connect at iowa lakes community college.
  • career academy classes will be attended with college students on the college campus. the high school student will receive the same instruction and be expected to perform to the same skill level.
  • students earning credit through secondary program options must apply for admission and enroll at iowa lakes community college after high school graduation if they desire to continue their education at iowa lakes community college.
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