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Iowa Lakes Community College
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admissions policies


iowa lakes has an open door admission policy

if you have a high school diploma (or ged equivalent), you will be admitted into a transfer, career option, technical or vocational program at iowa lakes community college.

if you do not have a high school diploma, you may be admitted on an individual basis to some programs. iowa lakes also offers programs to assist you with high school completion or ged testing.

admission is granted on a continuous first-come basis as applicants complete the following processes:

  1. complete an application form and submit it to the admissions office. at that time, you will be notified if there are additional requirements. no application fee is required.
  2. send a final high school transcript. (it will not affect acceptance for admission.)
  3. a visit to the college to speak with the program advisor is highly encouraged, although not required.

admission to the college does not necessarily mean you are admitted to all programs offered at iowa lakes community college. the college reserves the right to guide the placement of students on the basis of counseling, examinations, pre-enrollment interviews and past academic achievement, as well as available space in programs.

you will be notified of your admission to the college by the director of admissions.

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