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registration procedures

registration procedures

registration for regular credit programs:

to register for credit classes:

  1. once you have been admitted to iowa lakes, you meet with your advisor and plan your program of study.
  2. obtain a copy of the current semester’s course schedule.
  3. fill out a registration form to schedule your credit classes.*
  4. visit with the financial aid office, if you need financial assistance.
  5. turn the registration form into the business office and pay your tuition and fees. you may also pay online.

once completed, you are officially registered for classes.

you may register by coming to the appropriate campus during the summer orientation and registration day to which all new freshmen and transfer students are invited, during one of the pre-registration days scheduled prior to the beginning of each term, or during the regular registration dates. 

*registration forms are available from the business office on each campus or from your advisor.

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