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Iowa Lakes Alumni & Friends STAFF Mentoring Program outlines and expectations

program purpose:

the iowa lakes community college alumni and student mentoring program provides a great opportunity for both current iowa lakes students and alumni to enhance and further their career development through a formalized mentoring relationship. the program provides a forum where knowledge, skills, and experience are shared to foster professional growth and develop industry leaders.

program overview:

The program is a mentoring partnership that matches current Iowa Lakes Community College Students Today, Alumni & Friends Forever (STAFF) members with an Alumni & Friends member mentor with expertise in key interest areas. Mentor and mentee pairs are encouraged to work together to determine mentorship goals, when, where, and how often to meet and the best way to communicate with each other. Mentor and mentee pairs will be invited to organized activities such as a program kick off and an event to celebrate completion of the program. All participants will be invited to complete a post-program survey to help continuously improve the program so everyone can derive meaningful benefits from their participation.

responsibilities/expectations of mentors and mentees:

what is expected of a mentee?

  • attend mentorship program kick off, training(s) and celebration
  • meet with mentor monthly
  • develop goals and objectives for the relationship
  • own and be active in the mentoring relationship
  • set individual meeting objectives
  • accept and give honest feedback
  • take an active role in own learning and development
  • follow through on commitments or re-negotiate appropriately
  • provide feedback about the program to mentoring committee

mentees are not expected to:

  • know all the questions to ask
  • look to the mentor for all the answers
  • fit all learning into one mentoring relationship
  • develop a friendship with the mentor

what is expected of a mentor?

  • attend mentorship program kick off
  • support iowa lakes community college’s values and advocate for iowa lakes
  • help develop a strong iowa lakes community college support in the mentee
  • exhibit strong leadership and/or technical skills
  • have credibility in their respective organization and/or industry
  • have availability and time to devote to the mentorship relationship
  • offer advance notice for rescheduling or cancellation
  • maintain confidentiality
  • assist mentee in developing objectives for the mentoring relationship
  • provide honest and sound professional development feedback to mentee
  • follow through on commitments
  • continually evaluate the relationship to ensure effectiveness
  • provide feedback about the program to mentoring committee

mentors are not expected to:

  • drive the relationship
  • do work for the mentee or manage them as a supervisor
  • be an expert in every developmental area
  • develop a friendship with the mentee or make personal introductions, unless both the mentor and mentee agree that this is appropriate
  • spend more time on the relationship than initially agreed to or continue the relationship than initially agreed to or continue the relationship beyond the agreed-upon timeframe
  • be a champion to others for the mentee, unless desired
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