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who will see the report?

anonymous reports filed through this website are viewable only by the victim the of sexual assault and the advocates who are assigned to the case. the reports will not be available to any law enforcement officers and they are not subject to public records review. 

persons who submit a sexual assault report through this website will have a few additional options available to them. 

  1. the victim can indicate whether they would like to be contacted by a victim advocate. in these cases, all correspondence and contact with a victim advocate is kept confidential and is not shared with a detective unless the victim requests it. 
  2. the victim can indicate that they are willing to be contacted by law enforcement only if a pattern arises related to the perpetrator and further information is needed from the victim to help with another investigation. 

it is very important that victims control their level of involvement in reporting a sexual assault. no attempts will be made to identify or contact victims who report a sexual assault anonymously unless a clear identifiable pattern arises and the victim has left a contact number or email address, or law enforcement has reason to believe the victim may still be in danger. 

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