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title ix reporting of abuse

this reporting requirement applies to all iowa lakes employees in regard to all activities and programs on all iowa lakes campuses, or at an iowa lakes sponsored off-campus activity, or other events that are otherwise in the scope of the employee’s employment responsibilities. an iowa lakes employee must report any case of suspected, actual or directly witnessed child or  dependent adult abuse to the campus executive deans, dean of students or the executive director of human resources with no exception. employees, in addition to notifying college officials, may also report suspected child or dependent adult abuse directly to other law enforcement entities.

a phone call or in-person description of the incident to one of the above named college officials satisfies the reporting requirement. reporting should occur as soon as possible, however, such reporting shall be made within 24 hours of the observation or knowledge of abuse.

the report should contain as much of the following information as possible:

  • the names and home address of the child/dependent adult and the child’s/dependent adult’s parents or other persons believed to be responsible for the child’s/dependent adult’s care.
  • the child’s/dependent adult’s current whereabouts.
  • the child’s/dependent adult’s age.
  • the nature and extent of the child’s/dependent adult’s injuries, including any evidence of previous injuries.
  • the name, age and condition of other children/dependent adults in the same household.
  • any other information that you believe may be helpful in establishing the cause of the abuse or neglect to the child/dependent adult.
  • the identity of the person or persons responsible for the abuse or neglect to the child/dependent adult.
  • your name and address.

some iowa lakes employees are also considered mandatory reporters under state law and, therefore, may have additional duties and obligations for reporting and training under certain statutes and regulations. this reporting requirement does not affect any duties or obligations that any mandatory reporter may have in reporting abuse or undertaking required training under any other applicable statute or regulation.

any uncertainty about whether reporting is required should always be resolved in favor of making a report. furthermore, if an employee sees a child or dependent adult in imminent danger on campus or at an iowa lakes sponsored off-campus activity, the employee shall immediately call 911.

retaliation by iowa lakes against persons filing a report or for assisting in the investigation following the filing of a report is strictly prohibited. failure to adhere to this reporting requirement will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

“child” means a person under the age of eighteen (18).

“abuse” includes any nonaccidental physical injury as the result of the acts or omissions of a person responsible for the care of the child or dependent adult, as well as any sexual abuse.

"dependent adult" means a person eighteen years of age or older who is unable to protect the person's own interests or unable to adequately perform or obtain services necessary to meet essential human needs, as a result of a physical or mental condition which requires assistance from another, or as defined by the department of human services.

“sexual abuse” includes any sex act between person by either of the persons when the act is 1) performed with the other person by force, against their will, by consent via threats of violence, or if the act is under the influence of a drug inducing sleep or other state of unconsciousness 2) such other person is suffering from a mental defect or incapacity wherein such defect precludes giving consent and 3) such other person is a child; any act of incest; any sexual exploitation of a minor wherein a sex act is preserved in any medium, promoted in any way, or purchased or possessed. 

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