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academic goals

iowa lakes counselors are available to assist you in reaching your academic goals.

Counselors can work with students to implement plans for successful academic performance and success through awareness of issues such as test taking strategies, time management, test anxiety tips, and tutoring referrals. Educational counselors services as linkages between the student and community resources by providing awareness and referrals. The educational counselors address topics that contribute to retention & academic success (stress management, social skills, conflict resolution, decision making, relationship building, and resiliency skills.

group tutoring and study skills assistance is available through the success center. tutoring is free for all registered students through the success center; online tutoring assistance is available through smartthinking. additional information and referrals for possible concerns which may be limiting academic success is available. preventative programming on substance awareness and mental health topics along with anonymous self-reporting online screenings are also available

educational counselors assist students to register after the student has met with an advisor to determine program and course requirements.

advocacy is provided for students by attending academic review committee and other meetings related to specific students’ needs.

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