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in an emergency or crisis situation

in rare cases, a student may be in an acute crisis in which he/she demonstrates behavior that elicits serious and immediate concern about safety of that student, or the safety of you or others. in such acute cases, you are urged to contact local law enforcement (call 911).
if you are unsure if the situation warrants a call to law enforcement, while you are still with the student, contact an educational counselor, administrator or housing staff.  never leave students who are at risk of harming themselves or others alone.

facts about suicide

it is important to take all suicidal comments seriously and to make appropriate referrals.

  • talking about suicide will not plant the idea in a person's mind.
  • feeling isolated increases the likelihood of suicide.
  • the more developed the suicide plan, the greater likelihood for suicide.

helpful responses

  • reach out and encourage the student to talk about his/her feelings
  • tell the student about your concern for his/her well-being
  • talk about suicide if that is on the student's mind
  • call 911 if there is imminent danger of harm. otherwise, be sure that the person is not left alone and he/she talks to a professional.
  • frequent contact, even for a few minutes, begins to relieve feelings of isolation (encourage the student to be in contact with family, friends, counselor).
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