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letter to parents

dear parents/guardians:

we welcome you and your student to the iowa lakes community college family! college is a big step in life and we want this to be a positive experience as you enter our doors.

our students’ safety is our utmost concern. as an institution we believe that education and prevention are key to the safely of our students as they have new experiences in a new environment. some of these experiences may include having personal and romantic relationships with peers. to ensure the safety of our students and to be in compliance with federal regulations, we provide education relating to healthy relationships and the prevention of sexual assault. as you are sending your student to our institution, it is also helpful for you to speak with them about healthy relationships and sexual consent. the college provides education resources and events regarding these topics; however, it also helps for students to hear this message prior to entering our doors. we rely on the families of our students to remind them of the importance of treating people with respect and keeping each other safe as they enter college and adulthood.

in accordance with federal law, there are three pieces of legislation, title ix, the clery act/campus save act, and the violence against women act (vawa) that govern the rules about sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking in higher education. these regulations require colleges to give ongoing trainings to student about violence prevention. we recommend visiting // for more information. these are valuable resources for parents and students.

during our orientation week, all student are given information regarding sexual assault and provided campus resources. this is a matter that is taken seriously at our institution and reported incidents are shared with our title ix coordinator, kathy muller. if you have any questions about how to talk to your child about dating violence, healthy relationships, sexual harassment, or sexual assault, please do not hesitate to contact an educational counselor (contacts are on the right side of this page).

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