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tony gulizia

tony guliziaborn and raised in omaha, nebraska, tony gulizia started his music career early, at the age of 8, working with his father, and, later, with joey, his brother. tony studied music at the university of nebraska-omaha. it was there the gulizia brothers were formed. in 1979, the talented musical duo began working, in conjunction with the nebraska arts council, in the artists in schools program. by 1990, their involvement in music programs for youth had escalated to leadership in the mid-america arts alliance, involving themselves increasingly in artist in schools programs spanning a 7-state region. 

tony worked the very first jazz camp and hasn’t missed a one! he’s always a favorite with the students and the audiences. he’s an incredible teacher, a great player and a marvelous crooner. (plus a good schmoozer!)

gulizia brothers have completed well over 250 residencies, and have worked with well over 100,000 students, grade levels k through 12, as well as with college and university students. in 1992, tony, his wife, liane, and their three sons moved to edwards, colorado. tony works as a music educator with the eagle county school district. tony, a superbly talented musician and composer, maintains a busy schedule, performing virtually every day of the week in beaver creek. in 1997, tony and joey received the governor’s award for excellence in education. also in 1997, tony started jazz goes to school and it’s still going strong today. in 2002, tony started touring annually to austria and switzerland with joey and roger neumann. early in 2013, tony finished his 500th radio show on his “jazz at its peak” radio show. his passion is his music—and, of course, working with young people. tony has a great love for music. “viva la musica!!!” says he. 

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