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course schedules

course schedules

important information

 search for most up to date sections

 the course schedules listed below are not updated each day. for the most up to date listing, use the search option above.

 the term start dates and end dates – as well as drop, add and refund dates – are found on the academic calendar.

new students, or students who are no longer active (if you have not taken a class in the last term) should apply for admission.

work with your faculty advisor or staff in our success/advising centers to choose your classes. if you do not have a faculty advisor assigned, contact records and registration. current students can run a degree audit to stay on target to complete degree requirements.

go to my iowa lakes to register. steps below can help with online registration. remember, the earlier you register, the better chance you have of getting into the classes you want.

spring 2021

schedule updated october 30, 2020

registration is open

 spring 2021 schedule key 

spirit lake
winterim (you may sign up for one class)

fall 2020

schedule updated august 20, 2020

 fall 2020 schedule key 

spirit lake

steps to register:

1.    go to

2.    click on “my iowa lakes” (on top right of webpage)

3.     find resources and choose webadvisor (register for classes)

4.    sign in using your user id and password.  (found in your acceptance email)

5.    find registration and choose register for sections. if you have worked with an advisor and know the sections you need, you can choose express registrations. 

if you need to search for sections, you need to fill in several fields to search, before you submit

  • term:  (2020/su-summer term) or (2020/fa-fall term)
  • subject:  (the class you are looking for ex: eng-english composition)
  • location:  (web-web e college for online classes)

next, there will be some questions we ask all students to answer before they complete their registration. a red (*) indicates a required response.  
please make sure your contact information is up to date, especially your email address. 

6.    to complete registration: 

  • select your preferred course and submit
  • choose an action for each section or for all sections you have chosen, and submit

if your course registration was successful, you will see “registered for this section” in the “status” column. 

for assistance, you can contact your advisor or the records office

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