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residency requirements

residency requirements

students enrolling at iowa lakes community college are classified as residents or non-residents for admission, tuition and fee purposes.

if you have been classified as non-resident and believe you should be eligible for resident tuition, you may apply for reconsideration of your case.

the director of records and registration may require written documents, affidavits, and other evidence considered necessary to establish your residency. this may include rent receipts, voter registration information, drivers license, motor vehicle registration, or other documents.

residence for college enrollment and fee purposes may be different from residence for other purposes.

documentation must verify residency within the state of iowa for at least 90 days prior to the term for which the student is enrolling.

the burden of establishing exemption from non-resident status is with the student. further information on residency classification is available from the records and registration office: 712-362-7922.

degrees, diplomas and certificates

iowa lakes community college awards degrees, diplomas, and certificates to those individuals who successfully complete programs in arts and science, career option, vocational, technical or continuing education areas.

the following degrees are awarded for college credit two-year programs: associate of arts, associate in science, and associate in applied science. 

diplomas are awarded for college credit vocational and technical programs of less than two years duration. 

to be eligible for a degree or diploma in a credit program, a student must complete a minimum of 25% of the degree program credits in courses at iowa lakes community college.

certificates are issued to students who complete program requirements.

international students: 

see international student page for admission requirements.

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