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fitness classes

evening water aerobics:  want a great aerobic and strength training workout with zero impact on your joints? break free from your landlubbing routine and jump in - you can strengthen muscles and joints naturally when you use the resistance of the water against your body and aqua fitness accessories during exercises. 

Lite & Easy Water Fitness:  a little less intense but still a great workout! an aerobic portion followed by toning, strengthening and stretching. non-swimmers are welcome. mondays, wednesdays and fridays: 9:00 - 9:50 a.m.

spinning classes:  very popular!!! it allows you to  stay within a comfortable exercise zone for your fitness level but you still feel like you're "keeping up" with the class.   you will be burning about 7.2 to 13.6 calories per minute and toning your legs at the same time. spinning is also a great way to strengthen your glutes, thighs, and calves. 

all iowa lakes community college students may attend fitness classes for free as a drop in.

our fitness classes are for all levels and abilities. we encourage everyone to work at their own pace. non-swimmers are welcome for the water aerobics classes. 

*inclement weather policy for aerobic classes: if emmetsburg schools have a late start, due to weather, there will be no morning aerobic classes. if school dismisses early, due to weather, there will be no afternoon or even aerobic classes. 

please call the wellness center at 712-852-5311 for prices and any changes in the schedule prior to attending. updates are posted on the arthur and audrey smith wellness center facebook page.



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