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student club fee allocation distribution process

phase i

required deadline dates:

october 1

advisor action: club report that includes planned activities for upcoming year, membership, officers submitted to campus dean and student senate
result: 30% of student activity fee funds will be divided between all clubs.

april 30

advisor action: annual club report includes goals and activities accomplished for the year is submitted to the campus dean and student senate
result: active club status confirmed.

phase ii – clubs may submit a proposal for the additional 70% remaining in the club allocation fund at your respective campus

optional deadline dates

october 1 and/or february 1

advisor/club action: submit a proposal to the review committee that includes a narrative, budget/ resources needed, current club fund balance, fundraising plan/goals, list of club members timeline. the proposal must be submitted to the respective campus student senate by the established deadlines. note: the review committee consists of three senators.

result: maximum amount of $1000 per year per club could be awarded to your club within two weeks of the presentation

note: this process will be reviewed annually and adjustments made as needed. 

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