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housing application process

emmetsburg campus dorms

who can live in the dorms?
students admitted to iowa lakes community college, who will be a full time student, taking 12 or more credit hours per semester.

how can i schedule a visit to meet with an instructor, see the campus, and see a dorm room?
students and families can schedule a visit with an instructor, see the campus and see a dorm room by scheduling with the admissions office by calling 1-800-346-6018.

how do i apply for housing?
you can apply by paper copy during your visit, or use one of the links below. click on the link that applies for you, fill out the application and submit.

what happens after i applied for housing?
if you applied online, the application goes to the email of the housing coordinator, jeremy ward. within a day to a week, you will receive an email verification that your application has been received. you may also receive questions about your application if there are specific questions pertaining to your application.

am i in housing at this point?
no. keep watching your e-mail and mail at home for more information about housing in emmetsburg at iowa lakes community college. the housing application shows that you are interested in housing only.

what’s next?
in the spring semester, the new housing contract will be ready to send in the mail for the upcoming school year. in this mailing, documents include: a letter, a housing contract, information about meningitis, and a medical form. once you receive these materials, please fill out the housing contract and send a $100 housing deposit by check or money order. these two items secure your spot in the dorms for the upcoming school year, so send these in asap. contracts and deposits are taken into consideration on a first come, first serve basis. the housing coordinator will take all contracts and match students with roommates. once roommates and rooms are assigned, you will receive a roommate letter in late july/early august to get to know your roommates and begin planning on who is bringing what for the room. you will also receive information regarding move in day.

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