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items to bring | not bring

listed below are some suggestions on what to bring with you when you move in. living on campus often means sharing space, so it is important to be thoughtful about what you decide to bring. it is a good idea to contact your roommate(s) before you buy some items. space is limited, so there is no need to waste it by having duplicates. items marked with a ** below are some things we suggest you consult on.

room set-up - items already in the dorm: spinnaker and ballaster have extra-long twin mattresses, a dresser for each student, and a dorm size refrigerator. catamaran has extra-long twin mattresses, a dresser for each student, desks/chairs, a couch, two living room chairs, a kitchen table and chairs, and a refrigerator.


  • bedding: pillows, pillow cases, extra-long twin sheets, blankets/comforter (mattress cover is provided), bed risers to raise beds up for more storage under beds (if needed)
  • crates or stackable containers, storage containers
  • clothes hangers
  • pictures, posters, putty for hanging, mirror
  • coaxial cable for television


  • toiletry items: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, deodorant, shaving supplies, contact lens supplies (if needed)
  • toilet paper, kleenexes
  • towels, washcloths, hand towels
  • cleaning supplies for bathroom: shower cleaner, sink cleaner, toilet cleaner, toilet brush and container, cleaning gloves, sponges, etc.

cooking and cleaning:

  • silverware, plates, cups, bowls
  • trash bags, paper towels, napkins
  • toaster**
  • george forman grill**
  • microwave (1,000 watts or less)**
  • laundry bag/basket, detergent, dryer sheets fabric softener, quarters for laundry machines
  • cleaning supplies: dish soap for cleaning dishes, dish cloths, dish towels
  • food/snacks


  • computer, computer cord
  • tv**
  • dvd/blu-ray player**
  • alarm clock
  • movies
  • camera
  • batteries
  • cell phone and charger
  • desk lamp or bed lamp
  • surge protector strips


  • bike, bike lock
  • documents (keep these items secured)
    1. driver’s license and social security card
    2. passport
    3. financial aid information
    4. medical insurance information/card (if accruable)
    5. vehicle insurance and registration if having a vehicle on campus
  • school supplies – backpack, pencils/pens, calculator, planner, notebooks, printer/ink

what not to bring:

The items listed below are NOT allowed in on-campus housing. They are a violation of the Iowa Lakes On-Campus housing Rules & Regulations book and you are subject to a fine and or/or disciplinary action.

  • candles, incense, any open flame devices, or scentsy wax melting devices or wax
  • oil frying appliances/deep fat fryers
  • toaster ovens, george foreman grills, coffee pots, hot pots, etc.
  • routers
  • pets
  • weapons
  • weight sets
  • refrigerators
  • space heaters
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