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iowa lakes community college libraries collection development guidelines

the collection development guidelines set out the priorities by which the iowa lakes community college libraries select materials to add to our holdings.


the mission of the iowa lakes community college libraries is to support the iowa lakes community college mission to provide opportunities for quality lifelong learning and promote economic development for our communities. we shall promote information literacy for our community, as well as the intellectual growth and information needs of our students, and beyond. 

  • we shall provide access to our materials to students onsite and online, promoting resources to all students, regardless of campus. 
  • we shall provide resources to increase our users’ information literacy skills and competencies.
  • we shall provide assistance and resources for our users to support teaching, learning, and community needs, and to promote lifelong learning. 
  • we shall provide assistance and opportunities to our students, staff, and faculty first in order to meet their educational and teaching needs.

intellectual freedom

the american library association code of ethics, the ala bill of rights, and the ala freedom to read statement inform the iowa lakes community college libraries collection development guidelines. the iowa lakes community college libraries do not censor based by language or controversy of topics, but rather strives to provide a wide range of viewpoints. challenges regarding the library’s materials are handled on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with the libraries’ commitment to intellectual freedom. please direct any questions or concerns directly to the director of libraries. 


the iowa lakes community college accepts donations and community recommendations for purchase of new materials. 

selection criteria

the library reserves the right to make all final decisions on purchasing using the following criteria. 

  1. importance to curriculum
  2. contribution to collection
  3. recommendation by faculty
  4. cost of materials
  5. timeliness of information
  6. authority and accuracy of the material
  7. format usability to student population
  8. user needs, including requirements of special population
  9. program needs based on student population
  10. physical space requirements

weeding and removal of materials

subject areas are weeded based on item age, edition, availability in other libraries or formats, relevance, accuracy, physical state, usage history and faculty approval. weeding is done by the library staff on an annual basis.

resource sharing

iowa lakes community college libraries participate in inter-library loans to provide access to materials not in our collection due to space or cost constraints, as well as in conjunction with iowa state library and consortium purchases to lessen the total purchasing cost to our libraries.


material replacement is based upon availability and necessity. 


donations are accepted and are non-returnable. donated materials that do not meet the collection development guidelines and needs will be donated or recycled.  

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