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Iowa Lakes Community College
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iowa lakes community college libraries user bill of rights

welcome to the iowa lakes community college libraries. we welcome users from the community, but our primary focus must be our current students, staff and faculty.

the libraries user bill of rights has been created to protect the rights and safety of all library users and staff and to successfully maintain library resources. library users in violation of these policies may be asked to leave the premises, temporarily or more permanently.

your rights as a library user:

  • to use the computers to create digital products for classes and related activities, conduct research, print materials for class and related activities as is appropriate under current copyright laws and regulations, and to access online resources as needed.
  • to borrow and utilize library materials for class and related activities while in school.
  • to be treated with respect by library staff and fellow patrons.

library users are expected to treat one another and campus staff with courtesy and respect. in order to maintain a welcoming learning environment for our students, staff and faculty, all users must abide by all college and campus rules, as well as the following:

  1. users must be kind and respectful. users are expected to use soft voices, appropriate language and manners, and to respect the space and needs of all staff and users. users are expected to refrain from the use of any products or devices that may intrude upon the needs, safety, and comfort of others.
  2. users must keep areas free of clutter, including electronic cords, to maintain the safety of all users.
  3. users should be quiet while using the facilities. soft voices and devices are required.
  4. group work is acceptable and encouraged so long as the volume is kept to a minimum. group areas are available for more voluminous activities and users are welcome to utilize these on a first come, first serve basis with a two hour limit if there are other waiting users.
  5. all containers must be closed and spills or mishaps must be limited and thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible, and prior to leaving the library.
  6. users must maintain library materials and resources in pristine condition.
  7. patrons under the age of sixteen, and not current iowa lakes community college students, must be monitored by an accompanying adult at all times. patrons with small children may request a quiet space for use during their time in the library. all patrons regardless of age and ability must limit their noise level in order to respect the needs of other users.
  8. users must be courteous of library staff with regard to following given and written instructions, location hours with regard to opening and closing times, and related requests.

users that fail to follow the above guidelines may be asked to leave the premises and appropriate action will be taken with the campus and college staff. 

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