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subject guides

subject guides provide a glimpse of what materials are available on any subject area. they are created either with the corresponding program in mind or with direct input from faculty members. 
and subject guides provide a direct link to:

  • books from the iowa lakes libraries’ catalog with an image of the book cover, summary, author, title, publication date, and call number (where it is located on shelf).
  • ebooks from the catalog and our ebook subscriptions (with all of the information that a book entry contains) so that you can open the ebook directly.
  • articles from academic journals with easy-to-use search tools to help you find just the right resource in seconds. these materials are purchased for your use and fit the requirements of your assignment.
  • online videos from subscription databases and the internet.
  • online resources such as websites from institutions, universities, government agencies, pertinent organizations and so forth.

all books, ebooks, and articles have an easy citation tool that creates a (mostly) accurate citation for a variety of citation styles.

all of the materials are free to students, staff, and faculty. and many of the materials are free to anyone.

stop back frequently! more guides are being made daily and more materials are being added to the current guides.

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