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save referral check list (special education teacher only)

  • a three-year reevaluation has been completed during the student’s senior year in high school to determine continued special education eligibility. (this must be completed prior to submitting a save referral).
  • complete the save referral form.
  • submit copy of current iep
  • submit copy of latest third year evaluation (if different from current iep)
  • initiate information for student to set up a college visit to learn more about the save program.

all steps must be completed and submitted before a student referral will be accepted. send all referral information to michelle kogel, save coordinator, prior to april 1. 

iowa lakes community college
attn: michelle kogel
3200 college drive
emmetsburg, ia 50536


for questions, please contact the save office at 1-800-242-5108 ext.5274. 

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