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technology training

technology training

all users of the iowa lakes network have a user name and a password. the standard user name is your full last name followed by the first initial of your first name. new students may also have 4 digits at the end of their user name. (example: john smith – smithj1234)

all student user accounts are new each fall! 

resetting your password

if your username and password is no longer working to log in to your canvas from your my iowa lakes page, please follow the below directions to reset your password.

  1. go to
  2. select “webadvisor” from the top navigation
  3. in the bottom right hand corner, select “log-in” and log-in with your current username and password you use to log-in to canvas from the my iowa lakes page
  4. once logged in, in the bottom right hand corner there will now be a “change password” option, select it.
  5. in the boxes given you will want to enter the following information:
    a.    userid = your username
    b.    old password = the one you just used to log-in
    c.    new password - cannot be the same as your old password and must have 18-30 characters, contain at least 1 number, 1 letter and 1 non-alphanumeric character (for example: ! - $ )
    d.    retype the new password
    e.    type in a password hint
    f.     hit submit 

this will now allow you to log-in to canvas from the my iowa lakes page, even after your password has expired.

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