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the trio-sss program is committed to helping students succeed and obtain their educational goals. our services are designed to enhance academic skills, increase retention and graduation rates, and facilitate the transitional process to the next level of higher education.

academic enhancement:  we sponsor open study labs, offer workshops focused on college success strategies, and provide academic progress reports, which enable students to excel academically.

career advising:  we assist students with career exploration, resume writing and interviewing skills. an important part of the college experience is identifying interests and skills and matching these with possible career fields.  

Cultural & Educational Enrichment Opportunities:  students will have an opportunity to participate in an array of cultural events and leadership opportunities. activities take place both on iowa lakes community college campus as well as in other communities. 

financial literacy:  we assist students with understanding the financial aid process, budgeting tips, credit card debt management, types of aid available, scholarship opportunities, along with deadline requirements and scholarship essay writing.  

peer mentoring:  trio-sss participants who are first time, full-time iowa lakes community college students are assigned a peer mentor. peer mentors are sophomore sss participants who are available in person and via email to assist students with study skills, time management, location of community and campus resources as well as personal support. 

transfer counseling: we assist students in exploring colleges and areas of study by providing college visits and assistance with transferring to a 4-year college. communication and support is provided through office visits, weekly emails, monthly newsletters and facebook group page.

TRIO-SSS scholarships & Grant Aid: $16,000 is awarded to trio-sss participants each year. (there is an application process)

all services are free.

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